Exotic Game Package


Exotics have become a large part of the Texas Hill Country due to its warm climate.  There is a healthy number of Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck and Catalina goats roaming the ranch.  We also offer hunts for Black Hawaiin, Texas Dall, Corsican Sheep, Scimitar Horned Oryx and Red Stag.  Exotics may be hunted with a bow or rifle.  Additionally, all hunts are professionally guided and cover a 2 day period.   The price for a trophy exotic hunt is $200 a day per person guide fee, plus a trophy fee when you harvest your animal.   The daily fee does not apply if your participating in another hunting package. We offer home cooked meals for an extra $100 per person per day.  Please provide notice in advance.
  • Axis Buck $2,950P1050542
  • Blackbuck $2,950
  • Fallow $2,950
  • Red Stag $2,000
  • Scimitar Oryx $3,950
  • Catalina Goat $1,250
  • Black Hawaiin $1,750
  • Coriscan $1,750
  • Texas Dall $1,750
  • Four Horn Sheep $1,750


A hunt ends on a specified day or when all allowed game is taken.

50% deposit required.

Balance due 30 days prior to arrival or cash on arrival.

Bring your personal linens and pillow.

Texas hunting license.